Diablo Immortal crosses over $100 million in player spending 8 weeks after release

Microtransactions at its finest.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Despite the criticism it continues to face since its release, the mobile version of Diablo Immortal has reportedly made over $100 million during its first eight weeks.

As per the data published in mobile market tracking site Sensor Tower, the latest entry to the Diablo franchise is now classified as one of the fastest-selling mobile IPs in history, following Pokémon Go’s feat of reaching the $100 million spending mark in just two weeks.

Sensor Tower also showed the data for other mobile ports that also made $100 million in a short span of time, such as Fire Emblem Heroes (10 weeks), Fortnite (12 weeks), and Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire (22 weeks). Diablo Immortal is now the No. 13 revenue-generating mobile game globally, as well as the current No. 4 RPG in player spending, and No. 2 in the MMORPG subgenre.

Another claim was made for the game earlier this month when MobileGamer.biz showed the data collected by AppMagic. According to the website, Diablo Immortal made at least $1 million per day. Activision-Blizzard, on the other hand, said the game was already downloaded and installed over 20 million times even before being released in China.

This is despite the ongoing backlash the game is receiving, primarily because of its play-to-win model. Microtransactions have been rampant in Diablo Immortal, causing some negative reviews from critics, including Metacritic’s user score for the game being listed at just 0.3/10.