Dead Space remake information finally on the horizon, EA to reveal more in September

Fans can get a closer look around September.

Image via Electronic Arts

Electronic Arts and Motive Studios are set to host an in-person event to showcase their upcoming Dead Space remake sometime near the end of Sept. 2022, according to Try Hard Guides.

Initially released in Oct. 2008, Dead Space is a critically acclaimed survival horror game and debut entry into the long-running franchise. After the series sat dormant over the last nine years, EA announced its plans to revitalized the series with a remake of the beloved original.

Beyond the original announcement in July, 2021 there has been very little revealed about the upcoming remake—until a recent report by Try Hard Guides.

The Dead Space remake is said to receive more information during an in-person media event planned for the last week of Sept. 2022. This event will allegedly contain a presenation regarding the remake, a Q&A session with devs, as well as a hands-on look at the horror classic’s remake.

The Dead Space remake media event has not yet been confirmed by EA, though Try Hard Guides states the company is likely to announce the media showcase in the coming weeks. Creators attending the event will allegedly be able to capture and disperse gameplay footage of the remake’s current state.

Currently, it is suspected the Dead Space remake will follow the exact story of its predecessor and even retained voice actor Gunnar Wright to reprise his role as engineer Isaac Clarke. The game’s graphics will be entirely revamped with new and improved assets, character models, and environments.

The Dead Space remake is still quite far away from its expected release date, as the title is projected to drop Jan. 27, 2023.

Should this media event come to fruitition however, hopefully Dead Space fans can get a much closer look at the upcoming project sooner rather than later.