Cuphead: How to Beat Glumstone the Giant (Gnome Way Out)

Overcome the mountain.

Screengrab via Studio MDHR

Cuphead’s The Delicious Last Course DLC is the first major expansion since the game was released several years ago. It has gone through a series of delays but it is finally here and there are a bunch of different bosses for players to square up again.

One of the first bosses you will come across in this outing is Glumstone, a giant that was cracked open from inside a mountain that has an insatiable appetite and a crew of little gnome friends helping to defend him.

Outside of just shooting to kill and using whatever weapon suits your playstyle best, there are distinct attack patterns in each phase Glumstone has for you to look out for to complete this fight with ease.

Phase one

Phase one of the fight will have you looking out for third distinct attack patterns, but each is pretty easy to dodge and noticeable. Also, it’s important that you do not fall off of the five platforms provided and that you kill any gnomes either below you or on the platforms so you have less to deal with.

If you don’t kill the gnomes, the platforms might break and if you fall onto the ground, you will take damage from the spikes below. So be sure to keep on top of your carnage while dodging everything else the level throws at you.

Screengrab via Studio MDHR

When Glumstone opens his mouth, prepare to dodge some pretty easy projectiles. You can also parry the pink clouds here to build up your meter.

Screengrab via Studio MDHR

When Glumstone goes into his pocket to pull out a bear, just rush to the forwardmost platform and the bear won’t be able to touch you.

Screengrab via Studio MDHR

The last major phase one attack pattern is the Geese. These buzzards will swarm above you so make sure to be on a lower platform and duck to avoid damage.

Phase two

Screengrab via Studio MDHR

Phase two is probably the easier stage of this fight. You can go underneath one of the sock puppets to dodge the ball that each one throws to another. Just be sure to watch the ground, however, as gnomes will jump out of it and fly to wherever you are currently positioned on the map.

If you have a spreadshot equipped, you can deal damage while also taking out gnomes from a solitary position, completely avoiding damage if you play your cards right.

Phase three

Screengrab via Studio MDHR

As for the third and final phase, this one will require you to jump around on five platforms while dodging a host of projectiles, hitting a tiny lump at the top of the screen to finally beat Glumstone.

Here, it is important to watch the lump as when it spits out a bone towards one of the platforms, it will cause that platform to create a parryable area that will bring back any platforms that have sunk throughout your time fighting.

Pace yourself, make sure to prioritize having as many platforms back as possible as quickly as possible, and keep hitting the lump to finally beat Glumstone and score the win.