Cloud9 are the first ever Heroes of the Storm world champions

The first Heroes of the Storm World Champion has finally been crowned

Photo via Blizzard Entertainment

The first Heroes of the Storm World Champion has finally been crowned.

American powerhouse Cloud9 took home the title and the $200,000 first prize after a dominant performance throughout the tournament. The Americas regional champions dropped just one game in the World Championship finals—to fellow finalists Dignitas in the group stages.

After topping their group ahead of Dignitas, Cloud9 bested the Korean champions Team DK 2-0. Despite running some unconventional compositions, including a Murky and Abathur combo in the second game of that series, Cloud9 looked virtually unstoppable.

On their way to the final, Dignitas upset Group B winners and European regional champions Na`Vi 2-0 in a rematch from the European regional final.

But the Americas were simply too strong for the hybrid UK and Polish side in the final. The 3-0 scoreline reflected what happened in the server: The series never looked in doubt.

After so many months chasing the tail of Tempo Storm as the chosen one of North American Heroes, Cloud9 finally emerged from that shadow. And now they will go down in history as the first-ever Heroes of the Storm world champions.