CD Projekt Red not bringing Projekt Golden Nekker to consoles

CD Projekt Red is moving away from consoles for live-service spin-offs.

Image via CD Projekt Red

Project Golden Nekker is a new standalone card game from Gwent developer CD Projekt Red. The game is set to release sometime later in 2022 and new reporting from IGN says it will be a PC and mobile-exclusive game.

Originally, Gwent had its console ports. But CD Projekt Red eventually removed it from consoles after allowing players to load their progression to a GOG account. Now, game director Vladimir Tortsov has discussed that and how it impacted the company’s decision to keep future spin-offs away from consoles.

“With consoles, we left them for a reason,” Tortsov said, admitting while there are some good reasons to launch a game on consoles, it was hard for the live-service game Gwent because of the frequent updates required. This led to the decision, Tortsov said: “Overall, since we’re not there, we’re not planning to bring any of our spin-offs to consoles at this point.”

Project Golden Nekker was first revealed to IGN back in January as a standalone game meant to provide an engaging single-player mode. Some of the cards from the new game have already been released in Gwent, including the Golden Nekker.

Outside of that, no one’s sure what to expect from the new CD Projekt Red game, except that it will feature new cards. The company has been known to test different formats with games like Thronebreaker, an RPG based on The Witcher with heavy card mechanics.

Whatever the next CD Project Red spin-off is, it’ll be coming to PC, iOS, and Android sometime in 2022.