Can Evil Geniuses avoid a playoff debacle?

The struggles of the world’s best Call of Duty team may soon reach another level.

Screengrab via Evil Geniuses/YouTube

The struggles of the world’s best Call of Duty team may soon reach another level.

Evil Geniuses have dominated Call of Duty for some time, largely while playing under the Complexity organization. But since moving to Evil Geniuses, the team has been much less consistent. While they did manage to win the MLG Anaheim tournament in June, the team’s other two major appearances at MLG’s X Games Invitational and at Gfinity 3 in London resulted in third and fifth-place finishes, respectively.

Now, Evil Geniuses is in danger of missing out on the playoffs of Major League Gaming’s professional league.

With the squad having only six games left in the season, Evil Geniuses are one of four teams sitting outside of the playoff picture in the 12-team league.

Making the top eight won’t be easy. Evil Geniuses sits outside with a record of 16-22. Sixth and seventh place teams Most Wanted and Denial Esports, with their 20 wins, are unlikely targets for Evil Geniuses.

Their only hope may be to catch the team currently ranked eighth in the league, Noble-Vanquish.

Noble holds an 18-22 record. What’s more, Evil Geniuses still have a head-to-head match to be played with Noble. The results of that match will go a long way toward determining which team will scrape by into the playoffs, and which will be eliminated.

Tensions have been bubbling up within the team, spilling over onto Twitter prior to yesterday’s games when Ian “Crimsix” Porter voiced his frustration.

If things don’t change and fast, I think it’s time for me to move on. I shouldn’t be practicing more than everyone on the team combined.

— Ian Porter (@EGCrimsix) October 2, 2014

This disruption comes not long after Damon “Karma” Barlow left the team after a dust-up on Twitter.