Battlefield V reveal confirms WWII setting, release date, no paid DLC, and more

Premium pass and paid expansions are gone in Battlefield V.

Image via DICE

The next installment in the Battlefield series was confirmed to be Battlefield V on May 16, and DICE promised to introduce its newest creation to the world today with a live reveal event.

Since the announcement, DICE released a short teaser video on May 21, which seemed to confirm the setting of Battlefield V. The game also teased what fans should expect at the reveal event via its website, such as new modes and experiences.

Release Date

Although it was known that Battlefield V would be coming to stores in October 2018, a specific date had not been announced heading into the live reveal. It has now been confirmed that Battlefield V will be released on Oct. 19, 2018.


In a short teaser video released on May 21, the game’s setting seemed to have been leaked. The in-game HUD, which featured British and German army icons, indicated Battlefield V would have a World War II setting. Many fans thought the game could be headed to a more modern time period, but it has now been officially confirmed that Battlefield is going back to its roots and returning to WWII.

Premium Pass

As a part of the reveal, the developers’ team announced that Battlefield V won’t have a Premium Pass or paid expansions, which have been offered in past titles so players can purchase DLC maps and modes. DICE said the decision was made so it can keep all of the players together and not separate them with paid content.



In Battlefield 1, many fans fell in love with its single-player campaign mode, War Stories. The mode followed specific characters and featured the battles they endured during World War I.

War Stories is returning in Battlefield V with new characters and plots so fans can have yet another thrilling and intense ride through war in the single-player mode as a young Norwegian woman fighting her way through the most brutal war in history.


A co-op mode is coming to Battlefield V, which will be called Combined Arms. Additionally, Majority Rule Conquest, and to many fans’ delight, Grand Operations are back so players can battle across different game modes and maps. A new game mode called Airborne was also announced, but no details were revealed.

Fortifications will make their debut in Battlefield V as strong defense systems, where players can reinforce buildings, build foxholes, and more in preparation for their next battle.

The Company


Battlefield V will feature The Company, which will be a feature that allows players to customize their in-game characters. DICE said items will be earned through playing the game, and it’s “not pay-to-win.”

Available items include dog tags, uniforms, helmets, and more.

Battlefield V is shaping up to be an exciting game, and players can preorder it now to get access to this year’s open beta.