Battlefield 2042’s first season is coming early next year

More content is coming.

Image via DICE

Battlefield 2042 fans can expect more content post-launch, but the first season isn’t coming until early next year. 

Battlefield fans everywhere are excited for Battlefield 2042, which is finally releasing on Nov. 19 and is now available for pre-load. The latest title will feature the iconic Battlefield experience fans have grown to love and fans can also expect a more intense experience in the Hazard Zone game mode. Fans interested in creating their own Battlefield experience can also try out Portal, the community-driven platform that allows players to make their own maps and modes. 

While Battlefield 2042 will launch with a lot of content to enjoy, fans can expect more content post-launch. This includes battle passes, new specialists, and new locations to explore and enjoy. But season one won’t appear until early next year, according to the Battlefield website. Fans will have preseason weekly missions and rewards, though, providing an incentive to grind with your friends. 

Season one will feature a new specialist, battle pass, and Portal content. It’ll be the first of four seasons planned for Battlefield 2042’s first year of live service. Each season will introduce a new specialist and battle pass alongside other new content. 

It’s unclear exactly when the new season will be released in 2022, but fans can rest easy knowing more content is on the way.