Auto Chess APAC Rivals series schedule has been revealed

The first qualifier for the Auto Chess Invitational is set to start soon.

Image via Dragonest

Auto Chess players from Oceania and Asia can now sign up to play in the Auto Chess Rivals of their region, developers Drodo and Dragonest have announced. Players now also know what the road to the first Auto Chess Invitational world championship looks like for these two regions.

The Auto Chess APAC Rivals Finals will grant three spots to the Invitational later this year. To reach the finals, players will have to qualify through regional finals in Oceania, Southeast Asia, Japan, and the Asian Wildcard tournament. Only the top 32 players in each region are eligible to play in their respective regional Rivals series and they’ll be selected according to their Auto Chess ranked points.

The four stages of the Auto Chess APAC Rivals series will reveal the three best players out of 128 in total to join the Invitational. Only the last stage of the tournament will give away prize money to competitors, which will be $10,000 divided among the top eight players at the APAC Finals.

This is the first Auto Chess Rivals championship set to take place. Drodo and Dragonest announced the Invitational in late June and said it would select players both through regional qualifiers and direct invites. This is the first regional series to be announced and it’s unclear at this time which other continents will get their own Auto Chess Rivals Series.

Auto Chess originated from the split between Dota 2 developer Valve and Drodo after the development of the Dota Auto Chess mod. Drodo got to keep the game’s name but was forced to change the names and models of all Dota 2 heroes it used to release its own title, while Valve reused its characters and models to create its own autobattler, Dota Underlords.

The Auto Chess Asia Rivals series starts on Sept. 7 regionally and ends on Sept. 29 with the APAC Finals. Players interested in registering can check out the tournament’s rule book.