Are there bots in Splitgate?

You're in luck.

Image via 1047 Games

Years after its initial launch, the console rollout of Splitgate’s beta has breathed life into the game with thousands of new players joining up to test its space-bending shooter antics.

With a blend between Halo and Portal and quite a few game modes to spice things up, the free-to-play arena-style shooter is a refreshing spin on a longtime genre. Whether you’ve been playing since 2019 or are new to the game, there will be something for your skill level. The best players can test their skill in ranked while others stick to the standard playlists.

If you’re new to Splitgate, you may be wondering what beginner options there are in the game and whether you can learn the ropes while playing against bots. Fortunately, you’re in luck.

Does Splitgate have bots?

Image via 1047 Games

Splitgate does have bots that players can test their skill against within the custom game mode. Along with this, bots will be added to public matches to fill up match space if games don’t have the required number of players.

Bots will be added to a lobby to fill up the player count. As real players join the game, they’ll replace one of the bots already in the lobby if there are any.

Having bots in public games might have its benefits, but for those who are piecing together their highlight montages, it means that your stylish takedowns might not have been on other players.

In custom games, when you begin a lobby that isn’t full, it will automatically be populated by bots. This is a great way to practice the various modes and maps in the game.

When the game exits beta and launches in full, the bot system will slightly change. The most notable of these changes is that ranked public games won’t have bots anymore to ensure that players are only competing against other real players.