Alleged Ark 2 screenshot emerges prior to Xbox event

Could the sequel to the dino-survival game be shown at tomorrow's Xbox show?

Image via Studio Wildcard

The bigger the show and project, the more likely it seems someone gets their hands on some pictures and assets for it before it’s officially revealed. That seems to be the case for Ark 2, which appeared to have a screenshot leak before the big Xbox and Bethesda showcase on June 12.

The leaks are not confirmed, but Ark 2 was previously rumored to be showing up at the Xbox/Bethesda conference. Those rumors stemmed from an unofficial account posting that the sequel to Ark: Survival Evolved would be presenting content in the show. Studio Wildcard, the game’s developers, played down the rumor, telling PCGamesN that the Twitter account was not an official one. But they also didn’t explicitly say that Ark 2 wouldn’t appear in the Xbox/Bethesda event, either.

The screenshot itself looks beautiful, with several people noting that it looks like it could be an expansion for Halo. If it is indeed a screenshot for the new survival game made with help from Vin Diesel (…yes, really), fans of the original game will be appropriately hyped.

The original Ark received plenty of hype before its release but received mediocre reviews during the official release in 2017. Still, the game managed to build a dedicated fanbase with its “survival, but with dinosaurs” gameplay, and the game continued to receive support and expansions over the next several years, with its final DLC released a year ago. Ark 2 hopes to improve on that formula that kept fans interested in the game for so long while ushering in a new wave of fans. With rumors that the game might be an Xbox exclusive, the game could find that new audience if it comes to Game Pass.

While there’s no guarantee that Studio Wildcard will show Ark 2 in tomorrow’s show, there are plenty of hints and clues out there that Ark fans will no doubt latch onto. With so many small bits of information coming out over the last week or two, it seems likely that Ark 2 news will be coming soon, at the very least.