All zombie types in Back 4 Blood

The standout faces of the "new apocalypse."

Screengrab via Turtle Rock Studios

Back 4 Blood was created by the same developers who made Valve’s popular Left 4 Dead games and serves as a spiritual successor to the iconic co-op zombie shooter.

The core gameplay of Back 4 Blood is largely similar to that of Left 4 Dead, with a few exceptions including a rogue-lite card system that changes the experience of each playthrough, unique characters to play as, and a dynamic system that changes environments, enemy types and locations, and more.

In Back 4 Blood, the zombies you face are known as the Ridden. There are several special types of zombies for you to contend with in your playthrough or to play as in the PvP mode. Here are all the special zombie types in Back 4 Blood.


Image via Turtle Rock Studios

Avoid the Snitcher at all costs. Not because it will hurt you, but because alarming it will cause it to scream, alerting all the zombies near you to its position. Sneak around the Snitcher or catch it with a well-placed headshot to avoid the scream.


Image via Turtle Rock Studios

You might need a beer after dealing with this charging, heavy-handed menace. The Tallboy has a massive club-like arm that he can swing down on players, dealing heavy damage and knocking players back, and can cover ground quickly in sudden charged bursts. If you find yourself facing off against him, aim for the bright red mass on his shoulder where his big mutated arm mass begins.


Image via Turtle Rock Studios

A familiar foe for Left 4 Dead players, the Reeker is effectively a Boomer in that it can spit acid onto the players, damaging them and attracting zombies to them. But a key difference between the Reeker and the Boomer is that the Reeker takes more than a single shot to destroy but will still detonate a large disgusting explosion when that happens.


Image via Turtle Rock Studios

The Stinger hunts its prey from the shadows, lurking onto walls and leaping long distances to force you to always be checking your angles when you hear its cough. It also does its damage from long distance, spitting a phlegm that pins you to the ground until your companion comes to pick you up. If you see it early or have just been picked up, it has a weak spot in its chest.

The Ogre

Image via Turtle Rock Studios

The Ogre is the first Back 4 Blood boss to appear at the end of the first campaign, one that chases you around like you’re in a monster movie instead of a zombie one. The Ogre has a massive health bar that you have to widdle away, but you can take advantage of his slow stature to deal damage from a distance or just run away from him. Just watch out for when he starts throwing stuff.