All unlockables and how to get them in Mario Strikers: Battle League

There isn't much content that you can't get right away.

Image via Nintendo

In its third attempt at the Mario Strikers format, Nintendo made sure to add elements that would differentiate the game’s newest installment from anything that came before it—and many of the other Mario sports titles that have been released in the gap between releases, too. 

Mario Strikers: Battle League brings the classic gameplay that has carried through since the original GameCube game from 2005, adding new wrinkles to the system, such as giving players the ability to customize their characters with cosmetics that boost specific areas of gameplay. 

Gear is the most unique unlockable in Battle League, giving players the ability to increase attributes like strength, speed, and passing while sacrificing attributes in others. This gives the game some real depth outside of the gameplay as players can customize their characters to a playstyle that fits their preferences too. 

And, just like in most Mario Sports games, players will unlock different modes and online content as they play. So if you are jumping into Battle League, here is everything you can unlock and how to do so. 

All Gear in Mario Strikers: Battle League and how to unlock it

As you progress through the game, you will unlock the ability to purchase new Gear from your Gear Setting menu using Coins. Each set of Gear favors one attribute of gameplay, and will provide boosts or reductions to several depending on what parts you equip. 

Every Gear Set is available through the Gear Settings menu for players to purchase, with each piece costing 100 Coins, as soon as you begin playing matches via the single-player modes or online. The only exception is the Bushido Gear, which you can unlock by winning the Championship Cup on Normal Difficulty. 

The Bushido Gear is unique because each piece boosts an attribute by four stat points, with the only exception being Shooting. Just know that, even after you unlock it, you will still need to purchase it from the Gear Settings menu for 300 Coins per piece. 

Here is a full list of those Gear Sets: 

  • Muscle (Helmet/Gauntlets/Chest/Boots) – boosts Strength
  • Turbo (Helmet/Gloves/Pad/Boots) – boosts Speed
  • Trick (Helmet/Gloves/Pad/Boots) – boosts Technique
  • Chain (Helmet/Gauntlets/Plate/Boots) – boosts Passing
  • Cannon (Visor/Gloves/Plate/Boots) – boosts Strength
  • Bushido (Helmet/Bracers/Armor/Sandals) – boosts one stat by four points

How to unlock the Championship Cup and Galactic Mode in Mario Strikers: Battle League

Once you complete the basic Cannon Cup, Chain Cup, Turbo Cup, Muscle Cup, and Trick Cup in the Cup Battles mode, you will instantly unlock the Championship Cup. This is essentially an “all around” Cup that doesn’t focus on one specific attribute like the others. 

Basically, just beat the main portion of the Cup Battles, and you will unlock additional content to play through. 

How to unlock Galactic Mode in Mario Strikers: Battle League

Galactic Mode is a step up from the Normal Difficulty that Battle League operates on when you first step into the arena during Cup Battles. 

Once you complete the basic gauntlet of Cannon Cup, Chain Cup, Turbo Cup, Muscle Cup, and Trick Cup, and clear the Championship Cup on Normal Difficulty, you will unlock Galactic Mode. This will just up the difficulty for every Cup and allow you to play through everything again—which means you can unlock a Galactic Mode Championship Cup by completing the regular Cups again. 

How to unlock characters in Mario Strikers: Battle League

Unlike the modes and Gear, all 10 characters included in the base roster of Battle League are unlocked right from the start. This means players won’t need to worry about playing Cup Battles to unlock their preferred character if they just want to play with friends or hop online. 

Nintendo will be adding additional characters via free post-launch DLC, but those should also be free to use right away once you download their respective updates.