All FaZe1 Recruitment Challenge rewards

Consider it as a life investment.

Image via FaZe Clan

Almost all content creators and professional players dream about signing with an organization. While flying solo can have its own benefits, having an org on your side can contribute to your growth as a player or a content creator.

Joining an org can be a lot tougher than it looks, though, due to the level of competition out there. Regardless of whether you’re a content creator or a professional player, you’ll need to have a quality that will separate you from the rest of the competition. It can be your immense skill in your game of choice or even your personality. A single moment of brilliance can be what it takes for an org to notice you, and that’s what the FaZe1 Recruitment Challenge is all about.

Every so often, FaZe sends a global invitation to all professional players and content creators to show what they’re made of. Out of all the participants, FaZe tries to find the next person to join their org. The one in FaZe1 stands for the number of people who will sign with FaZe when the event concludes.

Becoming a part of FaZe can be a reward of its own, but there’s also a signing bonus, which will serve as a secondary source of motivation for competitors.

FaZe1 recruitment challenge rewards

  • $1 million in crypto
  • A $250,000 GFuel sponsorship
  • A new Nissan GTR

Fans looking to participate in the challenge can sign up through its official webpage until Feb. 9.