All classes in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

Creating a class that suits your playstyle has never been easier.

Image via Gearbox/2K Games

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands is releasing later this week as one of the most highly-anticipated games this month. Although it’s set in the Borderlands universe, this game will be far different from the main games before it. Players will have access to an extensive character creation system, including choosing a class.

Players will get to choose two of the six available classes, a unique twist on the original game’s format. This mix and match mechanic will provide a variety of unique playstyles and ability combinations with a vast range of possibilities.

Here are all of the classes in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands.


Based on the tradition of the Berserkers, this character is a frosty fighter who specializes in close melee attacks. The Brr-Zerkers aren’t much of a thinking class, preferring to head into any problem fist-first. If you choose this class, be prepared to fight up close and personal to do the most damage.

Using the action skills, the Brr-Zerker can become Enraged or channel their frost through their weapon. Using this ability, they can freeze and then shatter their enemies. The Brr-Zerker can also leech life from dead enemies through the practice of occult magic.


The Clawbringer is closer to the traditional warrior class that many RPG fans are familiar with, only with the power of thunder and flames. This class is prepared with a spectral hammer and a wyvern companion. The Clawbringers are an order of warriors who want to bring Heroism to the Wonderlands. Some claim the Clawbringers have dragon blood in their veins.

Playing as a Clawbringer will mean using fire and lightning damage as your priority. Using the Dragon Aura, you’ll be able to imbue the other members of your party with fire damage and more. The Clawbringer also can throw the spectral hammer or slam it on the ground to create a fire area-of-effect attack.


If you would rather play as the class that represents the darker aspects of the occult, you may appreciate the Graveborn. This character class focuses on Dark Magic attacks and becoming something called the Reaper of Bones. Being a dark magician isn’t all bad, though, because you get a little demi-lich companion to take with you on your adventure.

The Graveborn is the master of Kill Skills, Spells, and Dark Magic. This class enacts suffering on their enemies at the cost of their life force. But each spell the Graveborn casts causes the demi-lich to cast a unique spell of their own. They may also use Kill Skills to summon demonic allies to their side. 


If you’ve ever been curious what Gandalf would’ve looked like with a pistol, you’ll likely get some enjoyment from the Spellshot class. These wizards have guns and spells, using both to transform their enemies into animals before blowing them away. But instead of two different weapons, Spellshot uses their guns as an extension of the arcana. 

With the Spellshot class, players will use guns and spells in equal measure to contort and destroy the battlefield. Expect to switch between both styles of damage effortlessly as you turn the enemy into cozy livestock.

Spore Warden

The group’s naturalist, the Spore Warden is a master of nature that can bend it to their will. This class will flood the field with toxins from their Mushroom Companion while creating storms or launching a volley of arrows. 

A Spore Warden’s job is to protect the wilderness of the Wonderlands, using their companion and impressive ability with a mystical bow. Players will switch between their guns and a barrage of magic arrows to overcome any enemies in the way.


The class that most resembles the traditional rogue, Stabbomancer is meant to be a sneaky focused-attack class. Stabbomancers focus on critical hits with magical blades before disappearing into the shadows. It doesn’t get much more complicated than knowing this is the class that likes to stab things.

As a Stabbomancer, players will plan and execute unique opportunities from the shadows. As a jack of all trades, players will need to learn how to take advantage of an enemy’s weakness and exploit it. The Stabbomancer specializes in critical hits and inflicting status effects on the enemy. Stealth is their ally as they seamlessly fade in and out of the battlefield.

This unique class selection plays into the classic RPG classes that many players are familiar with, while also managing to strike out on its own. Players will soon be able to pick their classes and begin an adventure in the Wonderlands when Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands is released on March 25.