All clans and clan skills in Bloodhunt explained

There are three different clans with two playable archetypes each.

Image via Sharkmob

Bloodhunt, the upcoming battle royale from Vampire: The Masquerade’s universe, comes complete with a class-based character system for players to differentiate from one another stylistically.

There are three different clans that characters can choose from, each with its own special clan power. And each clan has two unique classes that have their own distinct archetype and passive powers.

The abilities of each playable archetype are tied to the lore each clan has in the World of Darkness. Here are all of the clans and clan skills in Bloodhunt.

Brujah (Soaring Leap)

This clan consists of the Brute and Vandal archetypes. Their abilities are tied to the Brujah’s abrasiveness and fiery attitude. 

These archetypes are all about in-your-face force and their clan’s special power is perfect for initiating an offensive.

Called Soaring Leap, the Clan Power is a superhuman jump that will have you feeling like Overwatch’s dive tank Winston. The ability allows Brujah players to get in and out of fights with ease.

Nosferatu (Vanish)

The Nosferatu clan is all about staying lowkey. They serve as “spymasters of the undead” and are all about keeping things stealthy. The archetypes in this clan are Saboteur and Prowler.

These archetypes will likely remind you of what it feels like to play a rogue in World of Warcraft or Sombra in Overwatch.

Their Clan Power, called Vanish, feels and looks a little bit like a combination of a rogue’s vanish in WoW combined with Reaper’s wraith form ability in Overwatch

Toreador (Projection Dash)

The Toreador clan fits the more traditional mold of what people imagine when thinking of vampires who seduce their victims.

Both of the clan’s archetypes, Siren and Muse, serve a ranged, support role in combat.

The clan’s special power is called Projection Dash and is a delayed teleport or blink ability. When using the power, you’ll toss a projection of your character in any direction and then “dash” to it.

The ability can even be used to create upward mobility for your character so that you can win the high ground against your opponents and create an advantage in gunfights.