Additional Cho’Gath changes could come in Patch 7.6

Riot isn't done with everyone's favorite void creature just yet.

Image via Riot Games

The changes to Cho’Gath’s ultimate in Patch 7.4 hasn’t stopped Riot Games from looking for further way to fix his build moving forward.

When asked about Cho’Gath in a recent question and answer session held by Andrei “Meddler” van Roon, Riot’s lead champion designer, Meddler confirmed the potential Cho’Gath changes. “I believe we’ll be looking at him in 7.6, not sure what yet, though,” Meddler said.

Although Cho’Gath no longer loses stacks on his ultimate after death, which is a significant change, his win rate has remained the same due to nerfs on his AP ratio.

This news is weird, but exciting, as Riot is clearly eager to keep working on champions even after a recent patch.