A VR mod for Elden Ring is now in development

As if the Lands Between weren't unsettling enough in third person.

Image via FromSoftware

A mod that enables Elden Ring to be playable in virtual reality is now in development by an independent VR creator.

The developer, Luke Ross, released a short gameplay video of the very beginning stage of Elden Ring playable in VR. It’s the FromSoftware classic that plenty of people have been grinding for two months, only now it’s in horrifying first-person perspective.

“This will likely be a work-in-progress for quite some time, but I’ll be doing my best to have a first playable version by the end of next week,” Ross said on their Patreon page. “Keep your VR legs in shape, because they’re really going to be put to the test.”

Ross has previously created VR mods for other big titles like Red Dead Redemption 2 and Cyberpunk 2077. An undertaking of this size with a game like Elden Ring will most likely take a while before it’s fully complete, but the wait looks like it will be worth it for VR players.

“Third-person in this game is really far away (about 5 meters on average) and that doesn’t work very well in VR,” Ross told PC Gamer. “Instead of being in the thick of action, you’re kind of like ‘Hey, is something going on over there?’ Nevertheless, I’m going to leave the original camera as an option for purists. I’ll probably also add an intermediate, close-third-person camera. But I think the first-person camera is where it’s at.”

The Lands Between are massive and the thought of exploring the world brought to life by Hidetaka Miyazaki and George R.R. Martin in first-person is truly exciting. You can check out Ross’ Patreon page if you’d like to support the project.