76ers Giving their Esports Players the Pro Athlete Treatment

The 76ers are giving their esports teams the same resources that their NBA players have.

As you all may have heard, the Philadelphia 76ers were the first United States based sports franchise to invest some money into esports last September by acquiring Team Dignitas and Team Apex. Esports has seen a massive rise in revenue and viewers over the past few years, which means that investors need to start putting more money into their respective organizations and teams. Well, the 76ers have taken it to a new level by providing their esports players with the same resources and facilities that the NBA players have. 

The players are provided with things such as private doctors, sleep experts, nutritionists, and other wellness-related resources, which are all important for athletes. Whether it’s physical sports or esports, players must maintain a healthy lifestyle to be able to perform on a day to day basis and be consistent. Gaming takes a lot of mental strain to compete at the highest levels. Therefore, proper sleep and nutrition are very important. Coaches have also been provided by the team since they play a huge role in a team’s success. Teams need that person looking from the outside in to point out mistakes and changes that need to be made. 

All of this, on top of players experiencing “burnout” from long hours of playing and practicing, have really made organizations invest more into the well-being of their players. These teams travel to different countries and sleep very sparingly to compete in some major tournaments around the world. Most of them are also still teenagers or young adults that may not have the proper experience in managing time properly. The players have been provided schedules catered to their needs, which allow them to practice, but still get enough rest to enable them to have longer careers and be more professional in the public eye. 

Mental health is also a major factor in esports. Players lose that motivation and drive after tough losses. Players on the 76ers wil be provided with sports psychologists to get that confidence back in these tough situations. This may be something that will set these teams apart from the rest when it comes down to it. 

As we know, a lot of sports franchises have been investing their money into esports. The more that this happens, we may start to see more teams with resources like this for their players. Do you think this is a good change for these players? Comment below or tweet your answer to us @GAMURScom.

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