Dec 31 2013 - 4:56 pm

Hacking crew takes down major gaming sites 'for the lulz'

The attacks began Sunday night
Patrick Howell O'Neill
Dot Esports

The attacks began Sunday night. 

James “PhantomL0rd” Varga was trying to launch his Twitch channel but couldn’t connect to Quake Live. Then Dota 2 and League of Legends were giving him connectivity issues as well. For reasons he didn’t understand, Varga, who streams on Twitch for a living, couldn’t start up his games. 

On Twitter, an account called @DerpTrolling taunted Varga. The 2-year-old group claimed to be launching DDoS attacks against some of the biggest companies in gaming.

In fact, the account was calling out targets all night long. Servers for Blizzard’s, World of Tanks, Electronic Arts, Club Penguin, and League of Legends all suffered outages throughout the evening. The group said they did it “for the lulz.”

Derp claimed to be coordinating the attacks from a Starbucks.


For Varga, who had 140,000 viewers on his stream at one point but couldn’t play any actual games, things went from bad to worse. @DerpTrolling flashed Varga’s name and wrote, “The police may be coming.”

If anyone guessed that the griefers were bluffing, Varga soon realized they weren’t. He spotted three police cars and seven officers outside of his home, including one posted up against a tree with an automatic weapon pointed his way.

“You could clearly see how intense this gun is,” he said, according to VentureBeat. “I wasn’t scared. I knew what was going on. I was aware of the full situation. I was ready to explain all of this.”

Instead, he was handcuffed as more police showed up. 

“Just had an automatic pointed at me,” Varga wrote on Facebook last night, “put in hand cuffs and sat in the back of a cop car as I watched as 6 policemen go through my whole house.. will keep you all updated.”

The @DerpTrolling group had called in a hostage threat, Varga explained. When they confirmed that no hostages were being held, the police left. As a cherry on top, prank pizzas from Domino’s were ordered to Varga’s home. 

Derp, which has been around for several years, seems to exist solely to attack gaming companies. After this big show in the spotlight, the group says there’s more still to come.

H/T VentureBeat | Photo via Scott Davidson/Flickr

Jan 18 2017 - 10:32 pm

OpTic, Cloud9 join line-up for IEM Katowice

With only half of the CS:GO teams in place, the event is already looking stacked.
Sam Nordmark
Writer at @dotesports
Photo via Fragbite

Less than two weeks after the first Valve Major of the year, some of the strongest teams in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive will be making their way to Katowice for a shot at yet another impressive $250,000 prize pool.

North American elite squads OpTic Gaming and Cloud9 will be joining the previously invited teams at IEM Katowice from March 1-5, ESL announced today. The two North American teams will make an already-stacked event all the more competitive, as reigning Valve Major champions SK Gaming—alongside Ninjas in Pyjamas, Astralis, and Virtus Pro—have already been invited to attend.

OpTic and Cloud9 shocked the world towards the end of 2016, each taking home one international LAN tournament each. Cloud9's performance was particularly impressive. Their victory at the ESL Pro League Season 4 finals last October was the first international LAN victory for the North American region in nearly 11 years.

While these teams alone make the event stacked, they are only half of the teams that will be competing at IEM Katowice, as 12 teams in total will be fighting for the title. Two more teams are still slated to be invited, while an additional three teams from Europe and one more North American team secure their participation at the event through online qualifiers.

CS:GO is off to a hot start in 2017, and with more skilled teams around than ever before IEM Katowice is looking to become one of the most anticipated events of the year.

Jan 18 2017 - 9:07 pm

Yes, SKT played Ziggs ADC in a competitive game—and they dominated with him

The current League world champs show us all how OP bot-lane Ziggs can be.
Aaron Mickunas
League of Legends Writer
Image via Riot Games

ADC Ziggs has been spreading like the plague (a really, really annoying plague) through ranked games in League of Legends over the past few weeks, and SK Telecom T1 reminded everyone why they’re the World Champions by taking him into a League Champions Korea game—and destroying their opponents with him.

Jin Air, the team that fell at the hands of the mighty ADC Ziggs in the LCK earlier today, probably thought that SKT’s Bae ‘Bang’ Jun-sik was joking around when he hovered over Ziggs in Champ Select. Surely Ziggs is only a troll pick that streamers play to entertain their audiences or that Bronze players choose because they saw Shiphtur do it once, right? Right?


The irritating, familiar sound of Ziggs saying “This’ll be a blast!” rang loud as Bang locked him in, ready to take the AP terror down into the bot lane. It was a bloody sight to see, as Bang dominated his lane opponents. At the end of the laning phase, Bang had 3-0’d his adversary as the explosive-crazed Yordle. He won trades, outplayed tower-dives, and showed us all just how possible it is to take an AP mage into a role overrun by Marksman champions and thrive.

Was it because Ziggs is OP in that particular position? Was it, perhaps, because the state of ADCs is so pathetic that you can take any old champion into that role and do better than a traditional ADC? Actually, it’s a little bit of both.

This Ziggs pick may begin a trend of meta-breaking within professional play, and because of that casual players will follow suit. Soon, we may see more mages in bot lane, more marksmen up top, and even some supports pick Janna in the jungle.

Ziggs is an important lesson for the future of League. Playing him in the highest level of competition suggests that there may be more instances like this Ziggs game—where pro players figure out ways to use unorthodox champion picks to their advantage.

Sometimes, the meta doesn’t have to be followed—if you can find another champion to play a specific role well enough. A few seasons ago, after all, you’d dodge a ranked lobby if you saw a Rumble lock the jungle role, and now you wouldn’t bat an eye.

Love him or hate him, Ziggs is here to stay, and since the god-team of SKT has now played him in a pro game, you can expect even more ADC Ziggs appearances in your Bronze ranked games. He even has the second highest win percentage out of any other ADC, according to League stats website Don’t worry if you’re having trouble winning against him, you could always go ADC Syndra.