OpTic Gaming defeat Ghost Gaming to win the Gears Pro Circuit Mexico City Open

Can anyone break the Green Wall?

Justin Binkowski  -  2 months ago

OpTic Gaming defeat Echo Fox to win the Gears Pro Circuit Dallas Open

The Green Wall are picking up right where they left off in season one.
Justin Binkowski - 4 months ago - Gears

Immortal Spawn: "[Trick Strat is] expandable to several other games, not just shooters"

Trick Strat developer Rob "Immortal Spawn" Ambrose talks about his app and its future.
Zachery Chevere - 5 months ago - Gears

Gears of War 4 is getting new maps and a Halloween event

Fuel Depot is making its return.
Adam Newell - 5 months ago - Gears

Season 2 of the Gears Pro Circuit will kick off with the MLG Dallas Open in December

The tournament will feature a $250,000 prize pool.
Justin Binkowski - 5 months ago - Gears

Season 2 of the Gears Pro Circuit will feature a $2 million prize pool

The second season's prize pool has been doubled.
Justin Binkowski - 6 months ago - Gears

Gears Pro Circuit Mexico City Open postponed due to natural disasters

Hurricanes and earthquakes have led to the event being pushed back until early 2018.
Justin Binkowski - 6 months ago - Gears

Trifecta embarks on its Gears esports journey

The sixth-seeded pro team finds a new home under Trifecta.
Zachery Chevere - 7 months ago - Gears

Red Reserve enters Gears esports

One of Gears esports most-talented rosters found a home.
Jovon White - 7 months ago - Gears

Glory dominate the CMG Offseason Open

Gears esports dream team make short work of the competition en route to victory.
Jovon White - 7 months ago - Gears