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Two new events found in Fortnite game files

The Black Hole could be concluding soon.

Image via Epic Games

Two new events have been found in the Fortnite game files.

According to Fortnite leaker Lucas7Yoshi, there are two event flags in the game files titled “Kevin Says Hello” and “Survey BR Nick 001.” Although not much is known about these events, they are almost certainly related to the next season of Fortnite

Kevin Says Hello is set to finish at 4:07pm CT today and Survey BR Nick 001 is set to finish next month on Nov. 6 at 5:07pm CT. Both events are currently active.

Fans are speculating that the Kevin Says Hello event could be related to the conclusion of the Black Hole with a trailer or announcement for season 11.

These events are most likely clues which could be signaling what will come next in Fortnite. Since the conclusion of Fortnite season X, it is expected that Fortnite chapter two will follow from this with a new map, skins, points of interest, and more. 

Fans will have to keep an eye on the Fortnite livestream in order to find any clues or numbers, which could be related to the next season or chapter.