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TSM Fortnite pro Hamlinz’s Twitter account hacked

The hacker seems to only want self-promotion.

Image via Epic Games

A hacker took over the Twitter profile of Fortnite: Battle Royale pro and TSM player Darryle “Hamlinz” Hamlin this morning.

His profile was filled with references to a third-party Discord server that Hamlinz had never shared before. In one of the posts that the reported hacker published, they said they would give away the Twitter password of Hamlinz’s account soon to those who joined it. At time of writing, Hamlinz hasn’t taken control of his account back.

The hacker shared pornography and Twitter posts of people who might also be involved in the hijacking of Hamlinz’s account.

Screengrab via Twitter/Hamlinz

It’s unclear who the hacker is and why they’re targeting Hamlinz. Based on the posts they’ve made so far, one of their goals is self-promotion, which could be effective. Hamlinz has 928,000 followers on Twitter, which ensures the hacker’s message is spread to hundreds of thousands of people.

This attack on Hamlinz comes a few weeks after Team Liquid’s Jake “POACH” Brumleve also had his Twitter profile hacked. It took several days for POACH to recover it and his hacker also used the account for self-promotion. In POACH’s case, the hacker threatened to reveal some of the player’s personal information as well.

This story is developing.