This Bouncer trick lets players jump into enemy boxes in Fortnite

The Bouncers could be useful in competitive.

Image via Epic Games

The re-introduction of the Bouncers on Sept. 25 in the Fortnite v10.40 update has led to some creative and competitively effective uses. 

A Reddit user found that if players place a Bouncer on the floor with a ramp above it next to an enemy box, players will get launched upwards and to the right, allowing players to break into the opponent’s box with ease. Players need to constantly swing the Pickaxe to break through into the box, however. 

Essentially, the ramp pushes the player in a direction while standing on a Bouncer that is placed on the floor, allowing for quick directional movement. This is especially useful in a competitive situation since turtling is extremely common. 

In the clip, the opponent can be seen attempting to replace the wall that is being broken, but due to the fast movement that the Bouncer is giving the player, it is to no effect. 

Players have to be quick considering that Bouncers are somewhat rare and only found in stacks of three. This technique may be useful in the early game because it requires players to have some sort of space and protection. 

The Bouncers are directional platforms that can be placed on floors, walls, and can push both players and vehicles if they are activated. The Bouncers push players in the adjacent direction as to where it was placed down. So, a Bouncer placed on the floor will push players high in the sky. Once players are in the air, they will not receive fall damage due to the hop rock-like ability. 

These Bouncers are incredibly useful in Fortnite due to their effects. Hopefully for many fans of the game, they are here to stay and will continue to be a feature going into season 11.