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Tfue pulls off an unlikely Quadcrasher kill in Fortnite

He ran his opponent over.

Image via Epic Games

Twitch streamer and pro player Turner “Tfue” Tenney is one of the most skilled Fortnite players in the world, but he can always use some luck from time to time.

He was playing last night when he got on a Quadcrasher. Tfue built a ramp in front of him to boost on it and fly with it. In mid-air, he found a player on the ground that apparently didn’t see him flying and decided to try to hit them with his Quadcrasher.

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He landed on the ground on a weird angle, and his vehicle started rolling toward the player until it hit them. The opponent’s character was sent flying, and Tfue got an elimination for causing the player to die from a “great fall” of 60 meters and 397 damage.

Eliminating a Fortnite player by running them over is highly unusual. Not only is it not a play people try to go for in their casual matches, but they definitely don’t do it in competitive. It’s easy for someone to avoid being ran over by just building one or two stair tiles, so Tfue got lucky that player either didn’t see him or had no idea about how to react to a vehicle coming toward them.

Tfue has done these weird and risky plays before. He used The Baller to run over a Team Liquid player back when the vehicle could deal damage with its boost, though the Baller didn’t send anyone flying like the Quadcrasher did. Tfue also made an aggressive Boogie Bomb play against four players who were inside their own Ballers, but he failed to get a follow-up elimination.

This is another play for Tfue to put on his history of weird Fortnite decisions that worked out in the end.