Seeing ‘LIBRARY-IN-NOSIGNATURES’ error on Fortnite Mobile? Here’s what to do

Downloading a patch may end up being more difficult than it seems.

Image via Epic Games

Epic Games make rolling out a Fortnite patch look easy. In most seasonal updates, the downtime only lasts for hours. Considering the game used to go down for days in preparation for a new patch, Fortnite came a long way since its early days.

There can still be unexpected errors and bugs during huge releases, however, and the “LIBRARY-IN-NOSIGNATURES” is an error that plagues Mobile Fortnite players in such situations.

This error generally prevents mobile players from installing the latest update. Without the latest iteration of Fortnite on their devices, players won’t be able to play the game as all servers will be running a different version of the match. Installing the latest update is a must to use Fortnite services like public matchmaking and the LIBRARY-IN-NOSIGNATURES error can turn it into an over-complex task.

How to fix the LIBRARY-IN-NOSIGNATURES error on Fortnite Mobile

  • Restart your device.
  • Clear Fortnite’s app cache.
    • Settings – Storage – Fortnite app – Clear Cache.
  • Check the app store for potential updates that might include hotfixes.

In general, players will need to wait for Epic to roll out a fix for the error. This error might also appear when Fortnite’s servers go down.

Epic tends to be quick when it comes to acknowledging ongoing issues regarding Fortnite, and also shares frequent updates on its official Twitter account. When an official fix is on its way, Epic will generally notify its players on Twitter.

Players who continue experiencing the LIBRARY-IN-NOSIGNATURES error, even after a fix gets deployed by Epic, should try sending a support ticket.