Royale Bomber Fortnite skin part of new PS4 console bundle

The skin will potentially only available when bought with the PS4 bundle.

Image via Epic Games

Ever since the Royale Bomber skin was datamined, players have been wondering when and how they can get their hands on the new cosmetic.

Now a Facebook post from PlayStation in Italy has revealed an upcoming console and Fortnite bundle that includes the Royale Bomber skin, potentially making it a very exclusive commodity.

The post says that a new PlayStation 4 console bundle will be released on July 16. The console will be pre-loaded with Fortnite, and include the Royale Bomber skin and 500 V-Bucks.

It’s not surprising that Sony is trying to cash in on Fortnite‘s popularity. With the game becoming such a massive cultural phenomenon, it could well be a system seller—particularly for younger players who might not have access to a gaming PC to play it on. It’s an odd situation though, bundling a free-to-play game with a console. The post doesn’t include any details on price, but you have to imagine it can’t be much different from the regular console price.

There’s no word if the skin will be exclusive to the bundle, but it would certainly make sense. After all, there isn’t a huge amount of incentive to buy the bundle rather than, say, get a PS4 console secondhand and download the game for free.

That might well ruffle the feathers of some of existing Fortnite players. It’s far from the first PlayStation-exclusive cosmetic, and other platforms have yet to receive anything. That’s at the same time that Sony is locking players’ accounts to the consoles, preventing them from using the same Epic Games account on Nintendo Switch.

H/T FortniteIntel