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PvE mode Daybreak coming soon to Fortnite, according to data miners

The survival genre is set to enter Fortnite.

Image via Epic Games

Fortnite players who also are survival genre amateurs could be served with a sweet new limited-time mode soon. A PvE game mode called Daybreak is set to be introduced to the game, according to data miners.

Data miners found the files for a survival game mode in today’s v16.40 patch notes. Images of the map and the game mode’s description were leaked earlier this month, revealing details for fans who are eager to test it out.

The files revealed the overall shape of the map, which will be different from Fortnite’s island. There were also details of several environmental elements showing a bit of gameplay based on building.

Before escaping, players will likely have time to build advanced items with crafting gameplay elements, as shown in the shelter’s image.

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In this game mode, players will wake up on a wild island without remembering how they got there and their mission will be to escape. To survive, they’ll have to look for weapons and hunt before nightfall. They’ll be able to meet other players on the island, but in general, they’ll be allies instead of opponents to kill. It might be up to the players to choose, however.

Helicopters will be used to escape the island and players will have to look for parts to build one and fly off. “Players loading in with a squad will be separated. Search for your friends or other players on the island and form a new squad,” the leaked description reads. “Repair a Choppa to escape the island before the storm closes in on the third night.”

The Escapist umbrella, which features a primitive design, will be rewarded to players who complete a round of the Daybreak game mode, according to prominent data miner HYPEX.

It’s unclear exactly when the Daybreak mode will become playable in Fortnite.