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Players can “fish” for items using grenades in Fortnite

The survival rate is much lower, however.

Image via Epic Games

Fishing in Fortnite has never been easier after a method that allows players to grenade the water to search for gear and loot was recently discovered.

To find loot that’s buried at the bottom of the sea, players have to throw a grenade into it. The grenade will start to float on top of the water and explode like normal. But the loot will trickle on to the shoreline following the blast. 

A Reddit user used this technique after he found a grenade near the surface of a small lake. The user was rewarded with a submachine gun, ammo, and a Small Fry fish. 

But players are reporting that this method may not be that efficient. This form of bomb fishing may result in basic loot rather than the more lucrative items that you can earn from regular fishing. This could be intentional by Epic Games to ensure that this method doesn’t render fishing using a rod obsolete. 

The fishing mechanic was introduced in Fortnite Chapter Two on Oct. 15. Players can use a Fishing Rod to find loot in bodies of water. The Fishing Rod is an uncommon drop, so it can be found easily. Simply scavage the floors of buildings or open chests and you’ll most likely find one.