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New Fortnite instant death spot found near Neo Tilted

You shouldn't try to slide down this mountain.

Image via Epic Games

Several drastic changes were made to the Fortnite: Battle Royale map with the launch of season nine earlier this week. But one thing that hasn’t changed is the existence of annoying instant death spots.

Instant death spots are tiles that immediately kill players who step on them regardless of their health or shield. Several instant death spots were found throughout Fortnite season eight, and now, a new one has been discovered just outside of Neo Tilted.

A clip of this bug was posted on Reddit. While playing in a Duos match, the player opens a Supply Drop on a cliff south of Neo Tilted. When the loot starts to fall down the mountain, the player goes after it and dies while sliding over the instant death spot. The player’s teammate, who seemingly didn’t realize what happened to their partner, slides down the mountain in the same spot and is greeted with an unexpected death.

Epic Games has been pretty quick to fix instant death spots in the past. Other death tiles appeared in season eight near the fork-knife area in Fatal Fieldsat The Blocknear the volcano, and in Tilted Towers. But Epic generally fixes these bugs soon after players find them.

For now, however, players should probably try to avoid this cliff near Neo Tilted until Epic addresses the issue.