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New Fortnite bug doesn’t let you farm materials while using a bush

This bush bug could be damaging in the late game.

Image via Epic Games

The bush item in Fortnite can be extremely useful in certain situations. But some players are having issues with the item after a new bug was discovered. 

This bug occurs when a player applies the bush consumable near a tree or any form of material. Occasionally, when players swing their pickaxe toward the material, the game won’t register the hit and it won’t allow the player to farm the materials. 

In one instance, a player couldn’t farm wood from a tree because they had just applied the bush consumable. But the player proved that it wasn’t lag since he farmed a fence post before he applied the bush. 

The animation of the tree being broken is still active, but the tree isn’t being damaged and materials aren’t being gained by the player. 

This bug is similar to another Fortnite mechanic. When players hit a stationary wall that can’t be broken, the game will play the animation of it being hit but it won’t be broken and no materials will be earned. 

This bug doesn’t seem to occur regularly, though. It could be extremely detrimental in the late game when players attempt to rotate into the next circle without being damaged. Usually, if players are forced to use the low ground due to a lack of materials, they’ll be punished without any cover.