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Leven2k addresses issues with pro Fortnite players stream sniping

Pro players may be ruining smaller tournaments.

Image via Epic Games

Professional players recently stream sniped another competitor in the War Legend Solo Fortnite tournament, which caused Leven2k to speak out.

Leven2k is a competitive Fortnite caster in the EU region who’s involved with smaller tournaments that provide practice for up-and-comers and pro players. In a rant posted to Reddit yesterday, Leven2k expressed his disappointment with the pros who troll and ruin the experience for everyone involved.

“You don’t understand how it actually hurts the game,” Leven said. “When War Legend and people are doing these things, they’re not just doing it to do it, they are doing it to show Epic that third party organizers can do something with their game that’s useful… and you guys just shit on it.”

During the War Legend tournament, Fortnite pro Martin “Mr Savage” Foss Andersen was streamed sniped and immediately ambushed by other players teaming. Teaming isn’t allowed during solo matches and is a common way players will cheat to gain an advantage over another competitor. The individuals who organized the teaming weren’t children being dumb, but actual professional Fortnite players.

After being eliminated by the cheaters, Mr Savage rewatched the map and clearly identified Dmitri “Mitr0” Van de Vrie, Herettic, and Arun “Kylix” Swift as the culprits. Mitr0 is a Fortnite pro for Team Liquid, Kylix is former pro for Misfits, and Herettic is a popular Fortnite competitor.

The three cheaters weren’t ashamed of teaming and killing Mr Savage, though, and even bragged about their accomplishment on Twitter.

“Just shit on @Mitro and @MrSavage in pro tournament that I got invited to ggs,” Herettic said.

Kylix also nonchalantly confirmed he was banned for “trolling in a 60 man lobby.”

Almost all of the players involved qualified for the Fortnite World Cup, which makes their lack of professionalism surprising.

Kylix has already been banned from the tournament, and Mitr0 and Herretics will likely be banned as well. Two other players, Wolfiez and Znappy, were apparently involved with the cheating and were also banned with Kylix.

All of the individuals involved are teenagers but that doesn’t excuse their blatant disregard for the rules. Their actions ruin the tournament for other competitors and shine a negative light on the tournament overall.

Leven2k later tweeted that he may shift his focus to the NA region because of constant issues like stream sniping. Professional players in the region may need to step back and realize their actions will eventually have consequences.