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How to win when there is no building in Fortnite Chapter 3, season 2

The Imagined Order has removed building from Fortnite, leaving players to fight without it.

Image via Epic Games

Fortnite’s newest season launched on March 20 and brought changes to fundamental parts of the game. One of the most significant is the temporary removal of the build mode that’s become a core mechanic in Fortnite.

The reason for the removal of the ability is a result of the Imagined Order’s invasion of the island. However, while the Seven work to return the feature, players will need to learn how to fight without it.

The main advantage building provides for players in Fortnite is the ability to have cover almost at will and get an advantage on your enemy. You could achieve this by building forts and stairs to defend or get higher ground, but now, you’ll have to find alternative ways to get the drop on your enemies.

To supplement the lack of building, Epic Games has added extra shield coverage and new climbing mechanics too. These new tools in your repertoire will ensure that you can take a punch and get the upper hand.

Use your overshield

With the release of Chapter Three, season two, Epic gave players a new tool called the overshield, which functions as an extra bar that will deplete before your shields and health. The new overshield charges up to 50 right after you drop and will recharge after a specific time without taking damage, but don’t get caught in the open when it’s too low. Epic added the feature to mitigate the removal of building in Fortnite, and The Seven even say they’re providing the player with this new shield to make up for the lack of buildable defenses.

The overshield is a great tool for players who like to drop into the most contested points on the map. Even before you find your first shield potion, you can take a couple of shots thanks to the new overshield, and since it will recharge after not taking damage, it can offer an extra way to soak up damage while you find cover or make a tactical retreat. There’s no indication if the overshield is here to stay or if it will leave in the future.

Learn to climb

Another excellent use for the building system was to climb to new heights and get an aerial advantage. Instead of building stairs, players can now grab ledges and pull themselves up. Paired with the new sprinting system, you may be surprised by how high you can get with this mechanic alone. 

One of the greatest advantages in any fight goes to whoever has the high ground. With a good vantage point, the enemies’ weapons don’t matter as much in a fight, and the new mechanic makes it easier to get a height advantage against your opponents. Use the climbing skill to get to the top of Tilted Towers and snipe the IO and enemy players to your heart’s content. Keep in mind they can’t build either, so an unsuspecting player in the open makes for an easy target.

Run for cover

Since you can’t build your cover, consider what’s on the ground that you can use. With the resistance theme this season, there are new craters and defensive battle positions across the island, which help with cover. You can also snipe from the new watchtowers, but be wary of someone destroying your position from below. 

Epic added several different weapons this season, including some unvaulted explosives. If you can’t outplan your opponent, consider taking them on with some remote explosives and the revolver. If you can make quick work of your enemy before you need to find cover, you won’t have a reason to build.

Use vehicles 

Lastly, you’ll notice some larger vehicles dotting the map. Players now have access to big vehicles like a tank and a battle bus. If you can find one of these machines in the early game, you’ll be almost unstoppable as you explode your enemies. 

While the lack of a building mode does shift the playstyle around, it provides an opportunity to improve your combat without it.