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How to get the Kickoff Set and Pelé’s Air Punch Emote in Fortnite

Get kitted out.

Image via Epic Games

Epic Games announced today that it’s releasing a new set of soccer skins and an emote mimicking the jump and air punch of Brazilian legend Pelé. 

The skins and emote are coming to promote the Pelé Cup that’s being played tomorrow across seven different regions in Fortnite.

If you’re excited to get things kicking and celebrate eliminations by jumping and punching the sky like the soccer star, you have a couple of options.

The first option for getting your hands on these skins and emote are to buy them in-game. 

With outfits that span 23 clubs across numerous different leagues from around the world, players will be able to buy skins from the Fortnite Item Shop beginning this Saturday, Jan. 23. The Pelé Air Punch emote will be purchasable in the same way. 

Epic has not yet announced how long the skins will be available for.

Alternatively, players will be able to earn their cosmetics by participating in the Pelé Cup tomorrow. 

With multiple different regions to compete in, players can get their emote and unlock skins by placing high enough in the event. 

Each region has different prizing, though. While first through third place in each region will get a signed FC Santos jersey, the placement required to get in-game cosmetics will vary by region. 

Here's a list of each region’s placement requirements for those looking to earn their swag before this weekend.

  • Europe: First to 3,500th
  • North America East: First to 1,750th
  • North America Weast: First to 500th
  • Brazil: First to 500th
  • Asia: First to 250th
  • Oceania: First to 250th
  • Middle East: First to 250th