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How to fix a vehicle with a repair torch in Fornite Chapter 3, season 2

Now you can be ready to drive at any moment with the Repair Torch.

Image via Epic Games

With the introduction of tanks and other cars, vehicles are set to be a major focus of Fortnite Chapter 3’s second season and, fortunately, players now have a way to repair them and get back into the action quicker than ever.

Along with the other new additions in today’s patch, the ‘Repair Torch’ was added to the game. This item is the perfect way to fix up any Fortnite vehicle on the go.

While it could be more simple, you may be stuck wondering where to find or how to use this item when you get it so here’s all you’ll need to know.

How to fix vehicle with Repair Torch in Fortnite Chapter 3

Image via Epic Games

Firstly, you’ll need to get yourself a Repair Torch. These new items can be found anywhere, but are commonly found around gas stations, so head to one of these locations and look on the ground or in chests for the blue Repair Torch.

Once you’ve acquired one then using it to repair a vehicle couldn’t be easier. Simply select the item from your weapon bar, air at the vehicle you’d like to repair, and shoot as you would with a regular gun.

If you are within range of the vehicle you’ll notice its health bar begin to fill once again repairing any previous damage that it had taken.

You’ll only get a certain amount of charges out of the Torch, so be mindful of how much you have left by checking the ammo on the weapon icon in your inventory.

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