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Fortnite’s v9.21 update patch notes are now live

A new gun is now available.

Image via Epic Games

Epic Games has just released the full patch notes for today’s v9.21 Fortnite: Battle Royale update.

The notes confirm the release of the Proximity Grenade Launcher, but they also bring an increase in the chance of finding the Combat Shotgun from floor loot and an adjustment to how Storm Flip Works.

Check out the changes below.

Proximity Grenade Launcher

  • Fires an arcing, bouncing, explosive projectile that explodes when in proximity of an opponent.
  • Available in Epic and Legendary Rarities.
  • Found from Chests, Loot Carriers, Supply Drops, and Vending Machines.
  • Semi-Automatic.
  • Uses Rocket Ammo.
  • Holds two Explosive Rounds.
  • Rate of Fire: 0.65 shots per second.
  • Player Proximity Radius: 250 units (about half the width of a tile).
  • Explosion Radius: 300 units (about 60 percent of the width of a tile).
  • Explosion damage:
    • Player: 67/70
    • Environmental: 131/138
  • Reload Speed: 2.8s/3s
  • Projectiles explode automatically after 10s or if it has nearly come to a stop.

Loot availability

Epic has increased the availability of Small and standard Shield Potions from chests, increased the chance of finding Combat Shotguns from floor loot, and increased both chances for the Epic and Legendary variants of the Infantry Rifle.

On the other hand, Mounted Turrets, Heavy Assault Rifles, and the Storm Flip should be harder to find from now on.

Storm Flip

Epic wrote that, due to the item’s scaling damage, “players held onto their Storm Flip later into matches, creating undesirable effects.” Instead of dealing damage equal to the storm at that point of the game, Storm Flip now deals five damage per hit regardless of the time of the match.

The full patch notes are available at Epic’s website.

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