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Fortnite’s v10.30 update release date and expected changes

The update didn't come today, but expect it soon.

Image via Epic Games

Epic Games didn’t release the v10.30 Fortnite update today like it usually does with weekly patches. But we know this update is part of this week’s schedule because the developers mentioned it on Reddit and Epic never misses a weekly Fortnite update.

Players should expect the v10.30 update to arrive on Wednesday or Thursday at the latest, and most likely in the early morning in central U.S. time. Epic has yet to confirm when the update is coming and it’ll probably use the official Fortnite Twitter account to reveal the release time and date.

We have a few hints at what’s coming with the v10.30 Fortnite patch, however. Although nothing is confirmed, Epic and data miners have given us enough information to make some guesses.

New Rift Zones

Paradise Palms and Polar Peak are changing in the next update. Both areas have active rift beacons placed on them and they’re forming rifts in the sky just like all previous beacons in season X. This means that when the v10.30 update is released, Paradise and Polar will change into something else, either becoming new areas or having their gameplay twisted to some extent.

Fans of Fortnite’s classic map are hoping that these beacons bring back Greasy Grove and Moisty Mire, two areas that used to be where these locations are today. It’s something that could happen since data miners found evidence in the game files that these areas could return.

Fortnite x It Chapter Two collaboration

This new collaboration has yet to be confirmed, but data miners found clues that elements from the horror movie It Chapter Two might appear in Fortnite as soon as the next update is out.

Players found red balloons scattered around the Fortnite island that make the sound of the terrifying clown Pennywise laughing when popped. Although no character skins or other cosmetics have been found yet and the movie is already in theaters, some fans expect the collaboration to drop soon.

Players will know everything about the Fortnite v10.30 update when the patch notes drop on update day.