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Fortnite’s new LTM facing matchmaking issues

The Combine isn't accepting any new measurements.

Image via Epic Games

Epic Games has finished server maintenance and officially pushed out the v10.40 update today. And a new Limited-Time Mode called The Combine is one of the main additions headlining this update.

Players have reported severe matchmaking issues with the new game mode, however. Several players have queued for more than 10 minutes to no avail or they’re being kicked out of the game mode due to a “Network Connection Lost” error.

The Combine is reminiscent of classic aim courses from first-person shooters like CS:GO and Call of Duty. Players will have to run through a challenge stage and eliminate NPCs. While they aren’t paper targets, they seem to move in a pre-determined manner.

Epic has already confirmed the matchmaking issues and the company is investigating the situation.

While you’re queuing for The Combine, you can read the full patch notes for Fortnite’s v10.40 update. Other new additions include a Zone Wars LTM and a rift zone named the Starry Suburbs.