Fortnite will be unplayable for at least 10 hours as Epic prepares for Chapter 2, Season 5 update - Dot Esports

Fortnite will be unplayable for at least 10 hours as Epic prepares for Chapter 2, Season 5 update

A bit more power, a lot more curious.

Image via Epic Games

Millions of Fortnite players came together to help the elite squad of Marvel heroes with their fight against Galactus and his eternal hunger. Though Galactus’ gaze was scary enough by itself to strike doubt into half of the lobbies’ hearts, Iron Man’s plan worked out just like how it was planned.

Bus drivers around the world drove battle busses into Galactus’ mouth, and with Iron Man’s tech, millions of busses Galactus consumed caused a portal to open inside of him. The event concluded with Iron Man thanking every bus driver who took part in the event, but it ended with a plot twist.

Though Galactus looked to be defeated, the alarms were buzzing at the agency that the players have seen in cutscenes since the beginning of chapter two. Considering Galactus was consuming the End Point for a while before he was defeated, there’s a chance that he caused some level of damage to the Fortnite world.

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Players will have to wait for chapter two, season five, to know exactly what happened, however, and Fortnite will be down to get everything ready for the second page of this adventure.

The game is now in a “preparation state,” and servers will go down at 11pm CT for maintenance. This maintenance is expected to last until at least 3am CT, although the players’ overwhelming demand can set it a little back if the servers aren’t equipped to handle the load. This would mean the game would be down for at least 10 hours.

Epic hasn’t shared any hints about the new season apart from a satellite that is supposed to be uploading something.

The tweet from Fortnite mentions that the Zero Point is in an unstable stage, which can confirm that Galactus was able to damage it somehow. Project Hunter could be the name of the next season’s adventure, but it’s hard to make any guesses about where that adventure would send the Fortnite players.

There have been leaks suggesting that the Black Hole could be making its return, and the images of season five include characters in space costumes alongside baby Yoda. It isn’t confirmed whether collaboration with Marvel will extend to chapter two, season five, but if there was anything else out there to top a season like this, it would be Star Wars.