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Fortnite v11.11 update is live

Grenade spamming has been fixed.

Image via Epic Games

Fans of Save the World are getting new content in today’s Fortnite v11.11 update, while the battle royale mode has received some slight tweaks and bug fixes. 

Although Epic Games delayed this patch yesterday, the issue preventing the implementation has been fixed and the update is now live.

The battle royale mode has been updated with a new match screen that displays additional statistics, medals, and accolades. 

Importantly, Epic has tweaked grenade spamming in this update since the grenade capacity has been reduced to six in one slot. Previously, players could carry up to 10 grenades in a slot. 

There’s also a new search menu that allows players to find specific skins in their inventory. This feature is useful for those who have an abundance of skins and want to search for their favorites easily, as shown by data miners HYPEX and CyuuBR

Save the World has received the largest update, though. Epic has introduced the Monster Smash perk, which increases Life Leech with melee attacks and Goin’ Constructor by up to 15 percent based on the percentage of your missing health. The Raven skin has also returned to the event store, according to the latest status report

Fans can’t check out all of the latest features added to Fortnite since Epic isn’t posting patch notes for the battle royale mode. But major issues are likely to be noted as soon as the latest patches are released.