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Fortnite: Battle Royale will test its new shooting model in a limited time mode

Guns will act a bit differently pretty soon.

Image via Epic Games

The way guns act in Fortnite: Battle Royale could be changing soon thanks to an update in the works from Epic Games.

The update, which was first teased in November, aims to fix some things that Epic thinks are wrong with how guns work, namely the randomness of bullet spread.

“One of our favorite things about Fortnite: Battle Royale is choosing how to engage another player—whether that’s building cover and closing the gap, dropping from above, sneaking around, or just going in guns blazing,” Epic Games said in a new update. “Unfortunately, it can be frustrating when those plans are disrupted by a shot that randomly misses your target. To attempt to address this concern, we’ve been prototyping a few different approaches to the shooting model.”

In order to test the new shooting model, Epic will release a new limited time mode that uses it. It will function the same way that modes like Sneaky Silencers, 50-vs-50, and Sniper Shootout work.

The first difference in the shooting mechanics is that weapons now have first-shot accuracy, indicated by a red glow on the reticle, which effectively means the first shot is always perfectly hitscan accurate. This will happen when a player is standing still, aiming down the sights, or when aim spread is at its optimal accuracy.

The other main change is that headshot critical hits have been reduced. Shotguns have been hit hardest, with their critical hit multiplier dropping to 150 percent from 250 percent. All other weapons with headshot criticals now do 200 percent damage.

Damage fall-off will be introduced for some weapons, as well. Fall-off begins at different ranges depending on the weapon, and will decrease all the way to 70 percent damage. Sniper rifles, rockets, and shotguns are unaffected by this change.

“Our intent is to run multiple shooting tests, and we’ll be gathering data from many different sources (internal analytics, community sentiment, and various social platforms),” Epic said. “Your participation is key. We want to be confident that what we have is better for the community, across all platforms and skill levels.”

Other changes include an increase to damage by sniper rifles and submachine guns. Epic didn’t specifically mention when the mode will go live.