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Fortnite leak finds Ant-Man themed point of interest

The "Ant-Manor" is believed to be entering the game later today.

Image via Marvel Comics

Fortnite Chapter Two, season four has brought many of Marvel’s biggest heroes and villains into the world of the popular battle royale. And now, data miners have uncovered a new point of interest that could be coming to Fortnite in its next update called The Ant-Manor.

Fortnite leaker FortTory posted an image of the location that appears to be a kennel along with a giant anthill. The whole location looks to have been made much bigger by some method as the chest inside the dog bowl looks tiny in comparison to the bowl itself.

Fans in the comments were quick to point out the vials of red liquid near the anthill along with the “PYM” logo on the side of the kennel, teasing the famous Pym Particles that allow Ant-Man to change his size in the comics and movies.

A video posted by data miner ShiinaBR shows that there are burrows underneath the landmark accessible through the dog kennel and via the tunnels at the base of the POI. In the video, you can also see a chest location in the burrows, as well as the one inside the dog bowl on the surface.

The new location should be added to the game later today, according to the data miner.

While Ant-Man should be getting this new point of interest soon, there’s been no word on whether the character will get his own skin during this new Marvel-themed season. The character wasn’t featured in any of the trailers before the season was released.