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Fortnite edit bug plagues shotgun users

Players will have to use a workaround to avoid the editing glitch.

Image via Epic Games | Remix by ZenofyMedia

Fnatic Fortnite pro Derman “Motor” Ozdemir posted a video on the official FortniteCompetitive subreddit yesterday displaying an editing bug when players equip a shotgun.

The video shows Motor trying to practice his editing by placing a cone and formatting it into an angled ramp, a popular method for perfecting editing time and movements.

Instead of the cones smoothly editing, though, the build will glitch out and not allow any edits whenever a player switches from editing to equipping a shotgun.

Motor was able to avoid the issue by equipping a pickaxe instead of a shotgun, which oddly doesn’t trigger the edit bug.

The Fortnite pro mentioned that a fix for the edit bug with a shotgun was to “pull out your pickaxe so you can edit smoothly as shown in the video” along with enabling edit on release. It’s faster for players to build and edit when swapping from the edit function to a weapon to help protect themselves in a build battle.

Competitive Fortnite is all about speed and precision, so Epic will probably need to implement a fix before the Fortnite Champions Series kicks off again on Saturday, Nov. 23.