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Fortnite data miner provides new info about Summer Event

Fortnite's summer event looks to add new features and favorite characters

Image via Epic Games

Players look forward to Fortnite‘s seasonal events. Whether it be Fortnitemares, Winterfest, or the summer event, players can log in each season to experience a new holiday or season event. Many rumors have been circulating about this year’s summer event, and data miner HYPEX has shared some info on what to expect.

HYPEX’s tweets say there will be “No Sweat & Sweaty Rebuild Summer Events” in the battle royale. There will be three challenge stages to complete during the event: Sponsorship, Marketing, and Product Recall. This quest line will have new voice lines and props used during the event.

Some of the challenges that HYPEX lists in the tweet thread include searching “No Sweat Umbrella” containers, interacting with several props, and participating in a boat race. This event could introduce a new item and perhaps bring new features like boat racing or skating. Many fans are eager to learn more about and play the 2022 summer event as summer days pass.

Previous leaks have pointed to additional characters being added to the map in their summer Outfits. Boardwalk Ruby, Summer Drift, and Unpeely will be seen walking around the island during the event.

In addition to the new story content, there will also be new skate park landmarks, which seems to hint Fortnite will add that skating with the summer content. While this is purely speculation, some have said that this update could come as soon as next Tuesday, July 19. Players will have to wait until we get closer to the date when Epic Games will hopefully reveal more information.