Fortnite’s Boogie Bomb has been temporarily disabled due to an exploit

Sorry folks, no dancing this weekend.

Image via Epic Games

If you had plans to go out dancing in Fortnite: Battle Royale this weekend, there’s some bad news for you from Epic Games this afternoon.

The ever-popular Boogie Bomb has been disabled temporarily while Epic works on a fix for a glitch that allows players to pick up an infinite amount of items, as shown in a new Reddit thread.

Somehow, players are able to glitch their inventory by spamming the button to pick up an item while dancing with the Boogie Bomb. Eventually, they are able to hold an unlimited amount of weapons and items, and that’s not good.

Epic did not specify when a fix would be ready, but for the time being, players will need to use their emotes to dance and use any other of the goofy items in the game to help defeat opponents.

The response from Epic was swift, though, as the Reddit thread was posted just 13 hours ago. An Epic games employee responded just nine hours later, and the Boogie Bomb was soon disabled altogether.