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Fortnite Arena Squads mode leaked

Epic hasn't officially announced the mode, however.

Image via Epic Games

Fortnite: Battle Royale could be getting an Arena Squads mode after a data mine revealed tags of the mode hidden in the latest update earlier today.

The four-man competitive mode has been one of the most requested since Arena was first added to the game.

It’s unclear when the Squads Arena mode will be added to the game or even if it’ll be a permanent mode, however. Players will simply need to wait for Epic Games to officially announce its inclusion (if it’s actually coming to the game).

Arena is Fortnite’s competitive playlist that was introduced in the v8.20 update. It gives players the chance to compete in a professional setting and win prize money.

By playing and winning matches, players can rank up divisions by getting points known as Hype. These points are based on the number of eliminations and placements a player gets.

For more information on Arena, as well as how divisions and placements work, check out our guide on the game mode.