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FlyQuest releases Fortnite pro Tinny following domestic abuse allegations

Tinny joined FlyQuest over six months ago.

Image via FlyQuest

Update Dec. 12, 2021, 2pm CT: On March 26, 2019, Tinny released a video on his YouTube channel talking about the situation and providing evidence against the allegations. The original claims made against the player by Killua have also been retracted and deleted. He will “continue to pursue legal action until [his] name is cleared.”

FlyQuest has parted ways with Tinny, a Fortnite pro player and content creator, following allegations that surfaced about him mentally and physically abusing his ex-girlfriend, Killua.

Yesterday, Killua broke her silence on the situation, saying that she “spent so many years covering for [her] ex, both during the relationship and after.” She also explained how Tinny allegedly broke her down so much that she left school and he made sure she was completely isolated. “I couldn’t leave because aside from the fact I was blinded by love, I was financially dependent on him and he had ensured I was completely isolated,” Killua said. “He broke me down so much I left university, I had nothing.”

She also posted several videos of evidence showing what Tinny said to her during those abusive moments. He apparently withheld food from her whenever she didn’t do what he wanted her to do, as well. She also tweeted out screengrabs of a conversation they had on Discord.

In response to this, FlyQuest tweeted that they were going to investigate the situation further before taking any action. Today, FlyQuest officially announced that it’s releasing Tinny from the organization.

Since then, Tinny has deactivated his Twitter, but he has posted a picture on his Instagram. He wrote a short paragraph as the caption of the photo, thanking FlyQuest while also revealing that he’s taking legal action against his girlfriend.

Killua intends to fight back, should this situation turn into a legal matter. “I have enough evidence that this man could face a prison sentence so I’m going to be strong and not let him bully me into silence again,” Killua said in a tweet.