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First potential new weapon for Fortnite Chapter 2 leaked

Fortnite Chapter Two will introduce new weapons.

Image via Epic Games

Data miners posted the battle pass trailer for Fortnite Chapter Two, season one earlier today, showcasing several different characters with new cosmetics, items, and weapon wraps.

But a new gun was also on display, and it could be the first weapon added to the game in Fortnite Chapter Two.

Popular data miner HypeX posted on Twitter that one of the new weapons being introduced in Fortnite Chapter Two will be the Bazooka Bandaid.

The item will reportedly shoot bandages that can heal teammates, according to HypeX.

It seems like the weapon was briefly revealed in the trailer since a female character can be seen holding a bazooka-like device with a white cross on it.

Screengrab via Epic Games

It’s unconfirmed if the gun displayed in the video is the Bazooka Bandaid, but HypeX said that the weapon looks like a minigun.

With more leaks slowly becoming available, it seems like Fortnite Chapter Two is inevitable.