The first Fortnite season 10 image will be released during tomorrow's Fortnite World Cup | Dot Esports

The first Fortnite season 10 image will be released during tomorrow’s Fortnite World Cup

The next season is quickly approaching.

Image via Epic Games

The Fortnite World Cup Finals are underway this weekend, pitting the best players from around the world against each other for their share of $30 million.

Epic Games plans to take advantage of the event’s current popularity, however. The developer announced earlier today that the first teaser image for Fortnite: Battle Royale season 10 will be revealed tomorrow during the Solo portion of the event.

Not much else is known about what the image will unveil or when it’ll be shown, but even if you do miss the live reveal, it’ll likely be posted on social media at some point tomorrow.

Season nine is almost over, so if you still have any Fortbytes or challenges to complete, make sure to get them done quickly before it’s too late. Similar to previous seasons, any Battle Pass items that you don’t unlock by the end of the season will disappear.

The Solo portion of the Fortnite World Cup Finals will begin tomorrow at 12pm CT. The first season 10 teaser image will likely be shown on stream at some point throughout the tournament or once the competition is finished.