We want to see this fan-created Black Panther in Fortnite ASAP

If John Wick can do it, why not T'Challa?

Image via Austin Pasquale\Twitter

Two things have been taking over world lately—Fortnite and Marvel’s Black Panther—and thanks to Fortnite fan Austin M. Pasquale’s creation, they’re combined into one very badass new skin.

T’Challa has been given the Fortnite treatment, just like John Wick, and we really, really want it to be a real thing (make it happen, Epic Games, we’re all counting on you).

How cool would it be to flex a “Wakanda forever” emote in Fortnite while sporting this skin? “Almost too cool,” is the phrase you were looking for. Although this is merely a fan rendition and not anything official, we wouldn’t put it beyond Epic Games to actually make.

After all, the game company did add some easter eggs relating to popular Twitch streamers for its battle royale’s newest season.

We imagine that if something like the Black Panther would be added to the game, it would require about as much time and energy to unlock as The Reaper, the John Wick-esque skin. That skin takes about 75-150 hours of gameplay to finally get, and this one would likely be just as difficult (definitely worth it, though).

It may be far-fetched to assume that Epic would include a fan creation at the drop of a hat, but we can dream. Until then, we guess we can settle with beating people up with pickaxes as John Wick.

H/t DBLTap